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We have had such a good day in our babies room today! We were able to enjoy lots of outdoor play before the rain hit this afternoon. The children really enjoyed doing a bit of water play outside in the morning. They enjoyed playing with the cups and buckets in the water and catching the leaves that were floating inside. We were interested to see who would climb into the container and who would play from the outside. Oskar eventually climbed in to sit in there whilst Chester, Franka and Presley enjoyed playing from the edge and splashing with their hands.

Dorijan and Presley enjoyed exploring the sensory bags inside. The bags were filled with water and sequins in one and water and pompoms in the other. They enjoyed squeezing the bags and watching the water move and also poking the things inside using their fingers. The children really enjoyed exploring independently in the room today finding the things they are interested in. Presley and Franka really like playing with the wooden stars and moon. They are always holding them while exploring the classroom. Franka was very chatty today, she kept saying “Hi” to all her friends in the sleep room.

Bentley was so happy when his big sister Isabelle came in to see him in the afternoon. He was giggling, smiling and chatting away to her. He enjoyed having some cuddles with her before his sleep!

Please don’t forget to bring in a family photo for our family tree. This gives a sense of belonging for your child.

Thank you for an amazing day!!

♥Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥