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Hello one and all from Miss Kate and Miss Lilly in the Babies 1 Room on this fine day!  😊

Today we continued with exploring NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK watching the shaving foam change colour and exploring the messy sensory play experience.  Babies learn through their senses and they certainly loved the wet, fluffy textures of the shaving foam between their hands today at the table!  😊

Our new musical wooden puzzle with the animals has been popular this morning with some of children practicing repeating animal names and sounds including…….. 😊

Peyton – “Moo!”

Charlie – Laughing and smiling!

Oliver – “Pig”  “Dog”!

The red treasure basket was explored again today with our curious and confident learners in the room sifting through the many items and learning through play.  😊

Lastly we embed our ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ on a morning basis as part of routine and also sing spontaneously throughout the day to assist with our language and social skills. 😊

Thank you for another wonderful day – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥