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Today we welcomed Presley to our classroom. She had a great day and bonded well with her teachers. She loved being outdoors and exploring the yard. She liked to observe the yard and look at the horses in the back paddock. Welcome to Babies 1 Presley, we can’t watch you grow!

We put out some flour for Chester and Doijan to explore before their nap time today. They enjoyed feeling the soft flour in their hands and pushing it around the table and on the floor. Oskar enjoyed this activity when he woke up. He preferred to feel the flour on his feet and legs. He would rub his leg across the floor.

The children also enjoyed self selecting their toys of interests like the stacking cups, books, soft babies, push toys and bicycles. Oskar is very confident pushing the push toy around the room now. He is getting faster and faster.

Thank you for a great day!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥