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We have had a beautiful day today. We spent most of our morning outside exploring as the Babies were so happy and content. We started some ANZAC Day paintings today. We painted some Poppy’s. Our children love painting and art activities. They were straight in there touching and feeling the paint with their hands and squeezing it in their fingers.

After enjoying a play in our yard and doing our paintings we noticed the Toddler children had gone inside and their yard was empty. We took our bubs over to explore the sandpit, practice their climbing and to enjoy the swing. Jordan, Fletcher and Dorijan LOVED the swing. They were so relaxed and content swinging on the swing. Chester was so brave climbing the big playground and was able to do it by himself today. He was yelling out “HEY!” when he got to the top to show us how clever he was. He was so happy he could also see the horses up close in that yard. Miss Otavia took him over to the fence to say hello and he was soo excited and smiling from ear to ear.

Just wanted to let you all know Miss Otavia will be away for the next 2 and a half weeks. Miss Shae will be in the room with Miss T’arn during this time. We hope you have a great holiday and a great Birthday on Friday Miss Otavia, we will miss you!! ♥

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥