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Hello families and friends from Babies 1 on this terrific Tuesday. Miss Kate and Miss Tania were joined by 8 cherubs including – Alfie, Edward, Orion, Bella, Oliver, Miller, Mille and Abel. We started a group collage AUSTRALIA DAY FLAG this morning with all of our little friends practising their hand-eye coordination skills and creativity using the colouring crayons. 😊 This links to learning outcome 4 of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK, β€˜Children are confident and involved learners.’ Bella, Abel, Alfie, Edward, Miller and Oliver all responded well to us singing spontaneous nursery rhymes today with great big smiles. 😊 Our big bead frame toy was super popular with Millie, Orion, Abs and Bella all playing nicely together with it practising their concentration spans. 😊
Everyone is welcome on Thursday to our AUSTRALIA DAY BBQ, 5pm until 6pm which we hope to see you there! Please refer to the signs around the centre for more information, or of course talk to us anytime. 😊
Thank you for a lovely day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Tania. XOXO