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Welcome to our Tuesday in the Babies room 1! 😊

What a fun filled day it has been today; We started the morning off with some bubble fun!!!! Luca, Quinn, Orion, Bentley, Alanis and Millie all love the bubbles and how they pop when they tap it with their hands or fingers! Orion loves the small textured balls and couldn’t get enough of them, so he had to try it haha he made us laugh.

Wonder woman Alanis is getting more confident each day with her walking! So wonderful to see her and our other friends becoming more confident within themselves and blossoming each time we see them.
Quinn and Luca were playing peek a boo behind the chair and it was the sweetest thing to watch how they have formed a great friendship with each other and how they interact.

Bentley and Millie were having a wonderful time exploring through the new toys, Bentley was happily enjoying sitting up while watching the big colour ball light up each time it bounces, while Millie enjoyed looking at the books and wondering over to home corner to explore the new toys we got for our kitchen.

We all had lots of fun singing, reading books together and so much more.

For the afternoon we enjoyed a play outside before our friends from toddlers came out.

We hope you had a lovely day as we did.
Thank you babies 1 for the wonderful day.
Love Miss Lyn & Miss Jess xx