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Good afternoon families

Happy Tuesday. Welcome to babies one. We had such an amazing day in babies one doing lots of fun activities during the day. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly welcomed all our babies in the morning and helped them to settle down in the room. children were so excited to start their day playing in babies two as combine play is always good for morning to get to know each other and build up more relationships with their friends. After the busy play, we headed to our room and enjoyed yummy morning tea.

After having morning tea, we let our children to explore some indoor activities as their interest. Babies always enjoy free play. Stacking rings, pushing the push cow, puzzles, puppets and playing with the soft toys were their favourite activities. As we did an amazing painting session yesterday, we decided to do something really interesting today. So, Miss.Hansani offered children with pink colour, white papers and a plastic bottle. Our babies weren’t sure about the activity first. So, Miss.Hansani grabbed the bottle and got some paint on the bottom of the bottle and put it on the paper to create flowers. Once they learned, they couldn’t wait to engage with the activity. Oliver, Olive, Parker, Charlie, Luna, Oskar and peyton they all had their turn to do this bottle painting today….

After lunch time, some of our children went to sleep and Charlie, Parker and Olive spend an amazing time outside playing in the sand pit. It has been an amazing day in babies one as always…

Have a lovely day…

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly xo

(Unfortunately we are experiencing difficulties uploading todays images to our blog, the images we captured today will be uploaded with tomorrows images also, sorry for any inconvenience)