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Today we had such a fun day exploring lots of fun and yummy sensory play. Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia created a tray full of different food sensory activities for the children to explore. We created area’s for our farm animals. Some mud for our pig made from cocoa powder and water, some Hay for our horse made of Spaghetti and a lake made of jelly for our cow. We also added some leaves for our sheep. The children had so much fun exploring this activity and tasting all the different foods. The children were covered in the chocolate mud and sticky jelly. They loved picking up the spaghetti and eating it and throwing it in the tray. The children were all eager to taste everything and didn’t hesitate to observe what was in the tray. They were laughing at the animals in the tray also. This was so much fun and very messy! Which of course made the experience that much better. They liked feeling the different texture each food had and felt it on the hands, feet and mouth.

After getting all cleaned up for the messy play we went outside for a play when we noticed the horses were close to the fence. Miss Otavia took Chester and Oskar to have a close look at the horses as we know they love watching the horses in the paddock. When Miss Otavia held Chester up to see the horse and he was so happy and excited. He was giggly away being close to the horse! Oskar loved looking at the horses and was smiling and watching the horse above him. Miss Otavia was telling them to call the horse over and was telling them that a horse says “neigh.” The toddler teachers and children got some carrots to feed the horse and Oskar and Chester watched on laughing at the horse eating.

On Friday The Toddlers and Babies are doing a Brazilian party, this is a great chance for a dress up on this day in whatever costume you have! It will be lots of fun to dress up and listen to Brazilian Music and dance and do some cultural activities!

Thank you for such an amazing day friends, we hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia! ♥