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Tuesday 24th March 2020

A big welcome to our new friend, Charlie to the Babies 1 Room today alongside our other beautiful babies. 😊 This morning the children participated in regular action songs including –
β€’ Acknowledgement of Country.
β€’ Twinkle little star.
β€’ If you’re happy and you know it.
β€’ Old Mac Donald had a farm.
β€’ Open, shut them.
Please let us know if you would like the words to any of our favourite songs so you can do this with your baby at home as it is very beneficial for their language and vocabulary development. 😊
Our new friend Charlie got arty with the Easter craft work and making a flower collage picture for our Autumn Display. Bentley, Bella and Rosie explored our outside area with Miss Otavia blowing us BUBBLES and self-selecting the dolls and balls. 😊 Miller is gaining in strength and coordination weekly to be able to push the pram along with a big smile on her face, it won’t be long until she can walk solo we are sure! 😊
We encourage independence and self-help skills by being a supportive environment with the children learning to coordinate and feed themselves. 😊
Thank you for a wonderful Tuesday Babies 1 friends and families!
Miss Kate, Miss Otavia and Miss Gabi. XXX