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Hello and welcome wonderful families to our fabulous Tuesday in the Babies room 1!
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess gave a warm welcoming to our 6 beautiful friends, Quinn, Alanis, Abel, Orion, Bentley and Millie 😊
To start the morning off we had YOGAAAAA! With Miss Gabi. Alanis, Quinn, Millie, and Bentley participated in todays session! 😊 Our friends enjoyed the bubbles, feather tickles and learning a new pose! The cat pose!! Quinn and Alanis did so well at this! We love yoga and our friends look forward to it each Tuesday! 😊
Morning outside play with Quinn, Alanis, Millie and Orion! The bridge was a hit with our friends as they love climbing and practicing their balancing skills! Alanis and Orion enjoyed playing with the musical instruments making lots of cool noises!! While Quinn and Millie were happily exploring the outside environment and different toys.
Throughout the day there was a lot of dancing inside with Miss Kate and Miss Jess to assorted songs all children loved dancing along!
What a fun day we all have had! Thank you Babies 1!
See you all soon,

Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx