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Welcome to our day in the Babies 1 room, we did lots of exciting things throughout the day and I can’t wait to share it with you 😊

This morning we had YOGAAAAAA!!! We love our yoga and our yoga teacher Miss Gabbie! She is amazing! Quinn, Orion, Bentley and Millie were all so very intrigued this morning with the animal puppets Miss Gabbie had on her fingers, showing the noises each one makes and the yoga poses for each too. Quinn and Orion loved the lion one. They all enjoyed the end as Miss Gabbie puts relaxation music on and brushing her soft feathers over their faces, hands, body and legs. Millie was unsure of the feeling at first but wanted more after she was used to it.
Bentley, Millie and Alanis finished their aboriginal cotton bud painting off this morning to go towards our Reconciliation week wall. We focused a lot on that today with the aboriginal didgeridoo music, Quinn was having a little boogie to the music and it was too sweet! Miss Jess and Miss Kate sang “Here is the land poem” as our friends were eating their lunch.

Orion has been crawling around the floor exploring the toys and puzzles with such happiness, Millie has nonstop making conversations with her friends as well as Miss Jess and Miss Kate and it’s amazing. Bentley is building more and more confidence each time he comes in and it truly is wonderful, he enjoyed the textured balls with the spikes and Miss Jess singing nursery rhymes throughout the day. Quinn enjoyed the book nook area as well as the kitchen area. Alanis enjoyed rolling the ball to Miss Jess and vise versa, Alanis also enjoyed the zebra trolleys and story time with Miss Kate.
For the afternoon we all went outside to enjoy exploring with our friends before it gets too cold.
We have had a happy and eventful day today
Thank you babies 1 for the lovely day
See you all very soon x
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx