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Good Evening to our Babies 1 families and friends on this fine Tuesday! 😊
This morning we had 6 little friends who all arrived happily for a fun filled day with Miss Jess and Miss Kate. Quinn, Luca and Alanis responded well to looking at our new books this morning with Miss Jess practicing our language development and concentration spans. We also learn to care for books and respect our environment by being in a supportive room whereby lots of positive praise and verbal encouragement is used daily. Bentley, Millie, Orion, Quinn, Alanis and Luca all participated in green sponge painting as we begin our HUNGRY CATERPILLAR DISPLAY……stay tuned for admiring it in our room soon. Children are confident and involved learners and we provide a range of creative experiences to extend their curiosity and coordination skills. On Tuesday mornings we also have our weekly visit from the beautiful Miss Gabi, our yoga teacher where we practice some postures and relax to meditation music with bubbles. This morning was extra fun as she bought a new tunnel, we could explore which looked like the HUNGRY CATERPILLAR too funnily enough. Quinn and Luca especially responded well to the tunnel, crawling through it whilst Alanis and Orion observed them! 😊 Our friends Luca, Quinn, Orion, Bentley, Alanis and Millie had a nice morning play outside having lots of fun with the toys throughout the yard. 😊
Thankyou Babies 1 for the wonderful day
See you all soon
Love Miss Kate and Miss Jess xx