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We had a great day in our babies room today! Oskar, Chester, Dorijan, Presley and Franka enjoyed self selecting their favourite activities from inside and outside. We kept the doors open for some indoor outdoor play in the morning. This gave the children a choice of where they would like to play and what they would like to explore. Miss Otavia planned some Transport play for us for the week. We brought the cars, trucks and buses out for the children along with books and puzzles about transport. The children enjoyed exploring these today during their free play. The children enjoyed exploring the classroom in their own free will today and enjoyed playing together and alongside one another.

We enjoyed playing with puzzles, books, babies, Stacking rings, musical instruments, stacking cups, climbing, playing on the seesaw and pushing the baby pram around the yard. We also sang Wheels on the bus while pushing the bus around the room. Some of the children have been doing a lot of talking and language development today! Chester has been saying ” Hi, Hi!” to his teachers all day. Presley always says “ball” and looks around the classroom for the balls. Oskar has been using his words a lot also, saying “uh oh” and “bye” to his friends and teachers. Well done friends!!

It has been very hot this week, Please remember to bring your childs water bottle every day filled with water!! Also we are still adding to our family tree, if you could all bring in a family photo!!

♥ Thank you!! Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥