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Hello family and friends and welcome to our fantastic Tuesday in the Babies room 1 😊
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess gave a warm greeting to our wonderful 9 friends! Abel, Orion, Millie, Isabella, Bentley, Jesse, Oliver, Miller and Edward! Edward had an adventure to the Baby room 2 with Miss Nikki for today. 😊
What fun we have all had today! To start the morning off we participated in some Christmas craft getting our presents ready for our wonderful families. 😊 The children are confident and involved learners and learn dispositions such as curiosity and creativity by being exposed to a variety of rich and meaningful experiences. 😊
Bentley, Orion, Millie, Abel and Oliver responded well to Miss Kate singing spontaneous favourite nursery rhymes throughout the day which we all love! The links to our ABECEDARIAN APPROACH with language being the priority too in our everyday interactions! 😊
Isabella, Jesse and Millie explored the new trainset and animals which was child-initiated play today. We respect the child’s rights and acknowledge their sense of agency to self-select toys of interest in the Babies 1 room. We also observed Miller and Oliver to choose rattles of interest from the basket to explore today. 😊
Rogoff believed that adults have a role in guiding children’s learning and we feel this resinates with us educators in the Babies 1 room by being in play based environment. 😊
Thanks for a fun Tuesday our little friends in Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Jess XX