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Good evening families and welcome to our Spectacular Tuesday in the Babies room 1 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess love welcoming our friends with warm and welcoming hugs to start our wonderful day ahead 😊 we had a total of 6 Babies today and what fun they got up to!! Here is how our day went.
• Y-O-G-AAAAAAAAAA!!! This morning we had yoga with Miss Gabie! Our friends Edward, Orion, Millie, Quinn and Alanis all participated in Yoga. Our friends practiced the downward dog pose and very soon Miss Gabie will be teaching a new pose! We had lots of bubble fun and crawling through the very cool caterpillar tunnel 😊
• Alanis let her body move with the sweet music this morning as she was dancing to the tunes and having a good boogie, she gave lots of smiles and head bopping away (too cute) 😊
• Bentley loves the ball pit from his home that he now shares with his other friends, he has enjoyed crawling in and out of it all morning 😊
• Quinn has been practicing her walking skills and my golly she is a superstar! She is becoming more and more confident walking long distances without any assistance each day!!
• Edward had lots of fun exploring the jute balls as well as practicing his tummy time. Edward has also been very clever and wanting to sit up with the assistance of his teachers! Well done Edward 😊
• Orion and Millie were both having their time of their lives cooking up a storm in the café, they both love playing with the pots and pans and opening and closing the doors.
• Miss Jess read our friends some books after seeing Millie and Orion in the book nook area looking through books 😊
For the afternoon our friends enjoyed indoor/outdoor fun with their friends and teachers 😊
We have had a lovely day, thankyou Babies 1 😊
See you all soon,
Love Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx