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We have had a beautiful day in our babies room today!

This morning we had a fire drill!! Chester, Dorijan and Presley really enjoyed the ride in the cot to our evacuation point! They were very curious to see what we were doing. Presely didn’t want us to stop pushing the cot as she had so much fun! Chester and Dorijan were watching intensively to see where we were going!!

We did a lot of exploring outside this morning as it was beautiful weather outside. We filled up the black tray with water and buckets, shovels and animals. Presley, Chester and Franka enjoyed playing in the water with the buckets and shovels. Bentley was so relaxed laying on Miss T’arn with his feet in the water. It was a very nice day to have the water out to cool down!

After exploring outside we came in to enjoy our yummy lunch and explore the classroom. Dorijan found our mirror block and was happy looking at himself in the block. Presely enjoyed looking through the books quietly and would give Miss T’arn a very cheeky smile frequently. Our bubbas are settling in so well and have built such strong bonds with their teachers. It is so nice to see them feeling safe, happy and exploring their classroom with confidence, knowing their educators they have built strong bonds with are close by.

Thank you for an amazing day friends!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥