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Hello and welcome families to our happy hump-day Wednesday! 😊
This morning we welcome our 7 wonderful friends! Orion, Bentley, Millie, Alexia, Kezia, Oliver and Edward.
What we did today!
– Miss Jess bought the sandpit fun inside for our friends to explore and enjoy! Kezia, Orion, Millie, Bentley, Edward, Oliver and Alexia all participated in the fun!! Kezia and Millie both loved it so much!!
– Spontaneous singing throughout the day, musical instruments were played too! All children respond well 😊 especially Kezia, Bentley, Millie and Edward!
– Oliver is settling in nicely; he likes the musical instruments/rattles that we show him. Oliver does well at sitting up with the assistance of his teachers.
– All friends have had a great day! Exploring throughout their room and making strong relationships with friends and teachers. 😊

Just a little friendly reminder that next Monday our centre is raising money to support the people who have suffered in the recent fires. Come dressed as an emergency service worker and make a gold coin donation to show support in the community 😊

Thankyou Babies 1 for today, see you all soon
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx