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Hello everyone from Miss Kate, Miss Lilly and all your beautiful cherubs in the Babies 1 Room.  The children happily separated from their families for a fun filled day ahead full of lots of love and learning!  😊  Here is a rundown on what we go up to –

  • We continued with our arts and crafts for the display work and today added to our beautiful flowers in recognition of FLORAL FRIDAY’s.  These are coming along nicely and the children respond well to the paints demonstrating creativity, curiosity and confidence.  😊
  • Our FATHER’S DAY surprises are also working out really well and we can’t wait to share them with you soon. 😊
  • Self-selecting wooden toys from the shelves has been a wonderful experience to develop our cognitive skills, learning cause and effect and problem solving as they manipulate the different toys. 😊
  • The home corner play space of the room was a thriving area to play this morning extending our imaginations and exploring the dolls, pots, pans, play food and kitchen set up.  😊
  • Spontaneous singing throughout the day is a time we all love and gaining in confidence as we practice some simple actions too, which helps us with our physical and social development.  😊
  • Outside play is another highlight of our days spent here whereby we extend our physical gross motor skills with the trucks, push along toys, sandpit, big connecting blocks and bubbles!  😊

NOTE – Please remember we are closed on Friday for our public holiday!  😊

Thanks for another wonderful day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥