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Welcome to Wacky Wednesday in the bouncing Babies Room 1! 😊 We enjoyed 6 little friends today including, Bentley, Orion, Millie, Willow, Oliver and Edward! A big happy ‘WORLD KINDNESS DAY’ everyone and we hope you enjoy reading your child’s love letter in their bags from us! 😊 We also practiced being extra kind to each other today and sharing our toys which can be a tricky task for us younger ones, but we did really well! 😊  Thank you to Bentley for bringing in his book, “I love you” to share with all of his friends!   Millie, Oliver, Bentley and Orion all responded positively to spontaneous singing and music throughout the day. We also enjoyed some one-to one conversational reading with Miss Kate which Vygotsky believed language and communication is important for children’s learning especially in the early years! 😊 Willow and Edward parallel played in the home area which is age and stage appropriate which they really liked the dolls too.
Who has noticed our new pictures on the windows!? 😊 We love them and can reach to take them on and off at our level and practice our words with naming what we know! 😊
Please take note of our CHRISTMAS BASKET in our room which every family has $5 worth of tickets to sell or buy with the chance of winning a box of goodies! Please donate a gift for our basket and the lucky winner will be drawn at our CHRISTMAS PARTY, which is happening on THURSDAY 12th DECEMBER! 😊
Love Miss Kate and Miss Jess XX