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We have had a very busy day in our Babies One room today!! We welcomed 2 new friends to our classroom! Zelia and Grayson! They both had amazing first days and were so brave. Grayson settled after his first sleep and was happy playing alongside the other children exploring the classroom. Zelia was happy exploring indoors and outdoors and loved observing her new friends. She loved to have a cuddle and bonding time with her educators.

We have continued with our Nature’s week and enjoyed playing outside in the sandpit and also enjoyed meal times outside today in the beautiful weather. We have found the children have felt more settled and happy when we spend more time outside in the morning. They then feel calm, happy and ready to explore when we go inside. The children get so intrigued being outside and seeing the big kids through the fence who love to come and see the little bubs.

We hope you all have a wonderful evening!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥