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Welcome to Wednesday already in the bubbly Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate today! 😊 This morning we started off our day in the beautiful weather outside alongside all our friends from the other rooms which was a great experience checking out the big soft blocks to climb, sand pit with digger trucks, dolls and balls – Charlie and Edward especially responded happily with big smiles getting some fresh air! 😊 We headed inside for morning tea, following a nice snooze to recharge our energies for the rest of the day. Miss Kate initiated some one-to-one time with our little friends with some conversational reading today using some of our favourite books including – ‘Alphabet’ ‘Colours’ and ‘Bedtime.’ Parker is gaining in confidence daily by exploring her surroundings and checking out toys along the way which she especially took a liking to the sensory bottles today. 😊
Edward and Charlie were intrigued by our colourful duplo bricks this morning as we haven’t had them out for a while, so it was like having a new toy in the room. 😊 They both showed curiosity selecting the bricks from the basket which increases their concentration spans and coordination skills too.
Charlie was keen to add to our ATSI, ‘We walk together’ foot print painting display with Miss Kate’s guidance. All of children contributed to our FLOOR BOOK too today with some free painting this morning happily and s confidently. 😊
Lastly, Edward is gaining in strength, confidence and coordination for taking a few solo steps which is a follow up to one of his recent observations. 😊
Thanks for a wonderful day Babies 1 – Miss Kate. XoXo