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We have had such a nice day in our babies room today. Dorijan and Oskar did some crayon coloring of the Chinese Calendar Animals today for Chinese New Year. Oskar also went to babies 2 to play with Spaghetti while his friends were sleeping. After enjoying a little play in Babies 2 we went out into the yard with them when all the children were awake. Oskar enjoyed playing on the seesaw and practising his walking around the yard. Bentley loved the attention he was getting from Olivia and Parker in Babies 2. They were talking to him and touching his hair using their very gentle hands. Dorijan was giving Miss T’arn big cheeky smiles when he came outside.

Inside Oskar and Miss Otavia were playing a chase game. Now that Oskar is very confident with his walking he has began to go fast. He was laughing and walking fast while Miss Otavia was behind him saying ” I’m Going to get you!” Dorijan was happy to see his big sister Alia walk in for a play in the afternoon. She was collecting toys from the shelf to give to him to play together. It was very sweet to see them interacting.

Thank you for a great day!!

Be Safe in the rainy weather today!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥