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Welcome to a fabulous Wednesday in the Babies room 1! 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed our friends – Millie, Orion, Bentley, Alexia, Kezia, Edward and Oliver.
Our day in dot points 😊
• Alexia had lots of fun on the police car that Millie has kindly donated to the centre to share with her friends. Alexia is getting more confident walking around the room!! 😊
• Willow found the pull along unicorn was so cool! Willow also enjoyed reading the sound books this morning 😊
• Oliver loved playing with the textured small balls and practicing his tummy time and sitting up skills with the assistant of his teachers.
• Millie thought the café area was a lot of fun as she banged and clanged the pots and pans together, cooking away at a sweet treat!
• Edward is becoming stronger in his tummy time! He loves sitting in the bumbo, playing with the rattles and the baby gym 😊
• Kezia got her art side out as she explored in crayon drawing with Miss Steph this morning!
• Bentley has been getting around the room like grease lighting! Happy as a bean 😊 Bentley loves tapping away at the pots like a drum! Bentley also enjoyed reading books and the textured balls.
• HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY to Orion! Today he turned the big 1!!!! Orion got many birthday hugs and even the birthday song!! 😊
We have all had a great day
Thankyou Babies 1, see you all soon
Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx