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We have had a great day in Babies One today! Inside we enjoyed playing with the farm animals and farm animal puzzles and reading books to do with animals such as “On the Farm” “Farm Tails” and “My first Animals.” Bentley really enjoyed looking at the pictures in the Farm Tails book and would put his face closer to the book, touch the pages with his hands and kick his legs in excitement. He was so engaged and content looking through the book with Miss T’arn.

Presley enjoyed doing some artwork today, she did some Animal Sponge Paintings and some crayon drawing for Chinese New Year. She loved the painting activity and was having so much fun exploring the texture of the paint in her hands. We can’t wait to hang our beautiful artwork on the wall when it dries.

Oskar loves being outside. His new favourite activity is the seesaw. He is always straight on it when he gets outside and has begun to rock back and forth so high now!! He is always laughing and yelling in excitement when he is on there. Its so nice to see how confident and settled our babies are now. They have built amazing relationships with their teachers and are so confident when exploring their environment.

Thank you all for an amazing day!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥