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What a beautiful day in our Babies One room today!! We were so excited to start our Easter activities today. We did an Easter egg painting today using, blue, pink and green. The babies really enjoyed using their hands to do this painting and loved squeezing the paint in their hands. We are so excited to do more Easter celebrations and fun activities and we can’t wait to hand our paintings up when they dry!

Yay! No rain!! We got to do some outside play today in the beautiful sunny weather! The children were so happy and excited that they could go outdoors and explore today! They enjoyed watching all the Toddler children running around and coming to the fence to visit. Oskar was so excited to get on the seesaw as it is his favourite! The children also had fun playing with the cars and push toys, practicing their standing and walking.

Thank you all for a great day!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥