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Today we welcomed Bentley to our Babies One classroom!! He had such an amazing first day and bonded with Miss T’arn so quickly. Bentley enjoyed practicing his hand-eye co-ordination when reaching to grab the toys hanging above him. Bentley got so excited and would kick his arms and legs and breathe heavily with excitement when watching the toys swing when he hit them. Bentley loved when Miss T’arn would sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” he would watch her and listen attentively. Bentley got so excited when his Big Sister Isabell from Toddlers One came to visit him. It was so sweet!!

Oskar was so excited when Miss T’arn put 2 clip seal bags filled with paint, red and blue for Australia Day. He was squishing the paint through the bags and watching it move. Oskar really loves sensory and messy play activities. Oskar also enjoyed quietly looking through the book “Over the Rainbow.” He quietly flipped through the pages and stared at the pictures on the page before turning over the page. Oskar had lots of fun playing with the egg shakers and was so excited when shaking them, he had the biggest smile on his face!!

Thank you all for an amazing day!

Much Love, Miss T’arn ♥♥