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Hello beautiful families of the Babies room 1 ♥

   Today Miss Jess and Miss Lily spent the day with your treasures and making Wednesday a fun joyful and positive experience with lots of love, happiness and nurture.

What we did today –

Miss Jess and Miss Lily welcomed all children with open arms ready to start this day off. Our friends enjoyed exploring throughout the room and self selecting toys of their interest.

Edward enjoyed shaking the sensory shakers and exploring different sounds! Meanwhile our friends Parker, Charlie and Olive were interested at looking through the books with Miss Jess! Miss Jess than read the book called “Where is Mr Lion”? as they favourited this one the most. Miss Jess made the sounds of each animal that was hidden and her friends giggled. To extend more on animals Miss Jess decided to sing “Old McDonald” all children responded well to this song. After morning tea Miss Jess decided to do some crayon drawing with her friends to see what awesome pictures they create. All children enjoyed crayon drawing and being able to explore their creative side.

Before lunchtime our friends were able to explore their outdoor environment with their friends and teachers. Miss Sarah blew bubbles for our friends and they LOVED watching the bubbles fly on by before they POP!! All friends were smiling away♥ Edward enjoyed building with the large Lego blocks, making a tower! Charlie had a lot of fun pushing along the toy mower with her strong muscles. The musical instruments were liked by our friend Olive, she had a lovely time exploring different sounds. The sandpit was enjoyed by all, they like the cold, gritty texture and getting amongst it.

After lunchtime our friends all had a rest full sleep as they re energize for this afternoon♥

This afternoon and after afternoon tea all our friends headed outside for a whirl of fun before heading home.

Thank you Babies 1 for today –

Have a lovely night ♥

Miss Jess and Miss Lily x