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Hello and welcome family and friends to our day here in the Babies room 1 ♥

Today Miss Jess was in the room with your little treasures and what a lovely day it has been.

This morning our little friends had a lovely morning outside with Miss Hansi and Babies 2. When Miss Jess arrived she greeted her friends with a friendly wave and a nice smile beofre taking her sweet ones into Babies 1 room to have some tasty morning tea.

As our friends were eating their tasty morning tea Miss Jess sang some nursery rhymes. “Incy Wincy” “Miss Polly had a Dolly” and “Twinkle Twinkle” all children smiled away and responded so nicely to the songs. Singing nursery rhymes and action songs helps enhance your child’s creative language, vocabulary and motor skills and so much more.

It was then time to tidy up and for our friends to roam freely while they explore their room. Edward, Charlie and Parker found musical instruments to be a lot of fun as they shake the shakers and tapped away on the small drum. Musical instruments for children are GREAT as it lets the children explore SOUND and many different other types of sounds.

Miss Jess thought it would be fun to do some chalk drawing!!! Edward and Charlie LOVED this!! Parker wasn’t so sure at the start but started to like it towards the end. Chalk drawing or any kind of free drawing is so wonderful for children as not only does it open up their creativity side but it helps develop their fine motor skills as they use their wrist, hands and fingers as well as helps improve hand and eye coordination.

Miss Jess read us some books after our art time. Our favourite ones today was Where’s Mr Lion and the Animal book. Children enjoyed the books being read to them and asked “Can you see the bunny” or ” Is the Lion behind this bush” Reading to your children helps with their language and communication development and so much more.

This afternoon all children had a lovely time adventuring around their room before they headed outside for a lovely play in the nice cool breeze.

Thank you Babies 1 for the wonderful day, I LOVED spending time with you all.

Miss Jess ♥