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Welcome to wonderful Wednesday in the Babies 1 with Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  😊  This morning we continued our learning with our new ‘Hungry Caterpillar Display’ which we listened to the story and looked at some real fruits to practice our vocabulary.  We are also getting creative with the paints, coloured pencils and chalks to decorate our caterpillar, foods and the big beautiful butterfly.  😊

The children thrive by being in a supportive environment where we aim to be like a home away from home for our little ones keeping them in a regular routine so the feel safe and secure!  Please let us know if you have any changes as we will do the same here!  😊

We embed the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH into our days here and utilise every interaction as an opportunity to extend your child to reach their full potentials and increase their language development.  😊

The children self-selected the basket of rattles and balls to explore in our room today where we encourage both our fine and gross motor physical development.  They learn to throw, roll and kick the balls and practice grasping the different rattles and shake them learning cause and effect.  😊

Spontaneous singing throughout the day is always a favourite with all our little ones responding well with big smiles using non-verbal language. 😊

Thanks for another great day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly.  XX