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Good afternoon, to our beautiful families here in Babies one room!

This morning we started our morning in the yard, getting some fresh air and sunlight to begin our day. All the babies were drawn to the sandpit to begin with. They loved rolling around in it, and throwing sand everywhere, that really makes them happy 😊 We moved onto some more outdoor activities, from riding the seesaw, to playing with the babies, which Charlie and Peyton in particular loved. On the other hand, we had Oliver, Daris and Parker interested in building the foam blocks as tall as they can with Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey’s help 😊

We ventured onto some sensory activities, making, and decorating fishes in textured sand, this activity is not only stimulating for their imagination, but also a great sensory activity and the texture of the sand sparking more interest. This was a great activity for them to create something special that was made by them, and can be seen around our lovely room 😊

We enjoyed another delicious lunch, by the amazing chef David, he cooked us yummy fresh vegetables, quiche and salad. All nutritious and wholesome food to fill our babies tummies 😊

As the afternoon made its way around, we enjoyed some nice indoor outdoor play, leaving it up to the babies to choose where they would like to go. This is allowing them the free choice to decide for themselves what they would like to do, what sparks their personal interests, and whether they would like to be indoors or out. Giving them this opportunity gives them a sense of choice which is great for their development and an overall happy babies 😊

Today in babies one room, it has been filled with even more creative and sensory play for the children to enjoy, explore and learn in an encouraging stimulating environment, and today was exactly that! but most of all, smiles and laughter to carry us through 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey xo