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Happy Humpday family and friends and welcome to our Wednesday in the Babies room 1 😊
We had a very warm welcoming this morning by our friends Bentley, Alanis, Quinn, Millie, Willow, Edward and Kezia. We have all had a very nice day and can’t wait for you to hear all about it.
Today consisted of the following wonderful things
• In-door/outdoor play this morning, Quinn, Alanis, Millie, Kezia, Willow all had a nice morning play in the cool fresh air. They explored the obstacle course as well as playing with the musical instruments. They loved exploring their surrounding environment and playing with many intriguing things throughout the yard.
• Edward and Bentley explored bubbles inside and our new ball pit!! Edward practiced more of his tummy time as Bentley showed Miss Jess and Miss Kate how well he can crawl throughout the room!! Woohoo go Bentley 😊
• Quinn, Alanis and Willow enjoyed the sensory bags filled with awesome things!!
• Quinn practiced her walking skills throughout the room, and she is doing amazing!
• Miss Kate and Miss Jess sang lots of nursery rhymes throughout the day, we also did lots of conversational reading in our book nook area.
We spent some of the afternoon outside before the cool breeze came along and we went off to continue the fun inside.
We hope you all have had a wonderful day,
Thankyou Babies 1 for today,
See you all soon
Love Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx