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We have had a great morning doing some fun Easter activities. We made an Easter inspired sensory bin for the children to explore this week. Thanks to Miss Mel in babies 3 for letting us borrow some little chickens to add to our sensory bin. We also had some shredded paper, plastic eggs and a stacking egg in the bin for the children to explore. Indiana and Shayaan were so confused with the shredded paper and the texture. When they would touch the paper they were making faces and shaking it off their hands. They did enjoy finding all the plastic eggs and Shayaan was throwing them like a ball. Indiana liked the stacking egg and was so concentrated while trying to stack the pieces together. Baby Oliver is a little bit to little to do this activity but he did like looking at the plastic eggs as we held them up for him to see. He did try to reach for the egg with one hand and with some assistance was able to hold the egg in his hands. Bentley loves playing with the eggs and really likes to try and eat it. He is getting very good at reaching and grasping items that are in reach. We also enjoyed reading our new Easter story together called “Hippity Hoppity, Little Bunny.” Shayaan and Indiana really like the bunny puppet attached to the book.

Thank you all for an amazing day, We hope you all have an amazing long Easter weekend!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥