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Hello and welcome all family and friends to our wonderful Wednesday in the Babies room 1 😊
This morning we welcome our new friend Kezia, she gave open arms to Miss Jess this morning before getting on the floor to explore around the room. Soon after our friends Willow, Orion, Bentley, Alanis, Quinn, Millie and Edward arrived as well as Miss Kate.
This morning we started off with some crayon drawing, Quinn and Kezia both enjoyed this activity and loved using the crayons. Kezia, Willow and Bentley got their art on and enjoyed some painting for our hungry caterpillar…it’s starting to come along nicely on the wall so watch this space 😊 Soon after art Willow, Orion, Alanis, Quinn, Edward, Millie and Kezia all had a great big play outside before lunchtime. Kezia had so much fun outside alongside her other friends too!!! 😊
This afternoon our friends enjoyed exploring throughout out the room, Alanis and Quinn had fun in home corner while Kezia was happily walking around the room with her new favorite Lama pillow pet. Orion, Millie and Bentley enjoyed the new books. Willow was having fun with the textured balls and Edward enjoyed warm cuddles with Miss Jess and playing with the rattles.
Kezia’s first day went so well and formed great relationships with her teacher Miss Kate and Miss Jess as well as her friends. 😊
Thankyou Babies 1 for the wonderful day
See you all very soon
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xxx