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Wednesday 3rd June 2020 – Babies 1.

Welcome to wacky and wonderful Wednesday already in the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate today! 😊 This morning was a chilly start to the day so we made the most of exploring our indoor environment and play spaces. Miss Kate set up the chalks at our new easel for the children to practice their creativity skills and fine motor skills at grasping the chunky chalks to make marks on the blackboard. Oliver and Edward were keen to participate. Steiner believed children need free creative play to develop their minds, bodies and spirits. 😊

We completed our RECONCILIATION WEEK activities this morning with the last of our dot paintings being completed, but everyday we continue to carry out our ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY’ so the children learn a sense of respect and connected to their world. 😊

Oliver enjoyed the table top activity station toy this morning which is great cognitive learning for him to seeing the cause and effect of the different buttons. 😊
Edward again always loves the balls, but also took a liking to self-selecting the puzzles from our shelves today. This is great fine motor skills and concentration span for him to extend whilst being in a supportive environment. 😊

The children all responded happily with big smiles to lots of spontaneous singing throughout the day, especially Parker and Olive. 😊

Can Oliver and Peyton please bring in family photo for our FAMILY TREE which is almost completed until we get some new friends to join us soon! 😊

Thanks – Miss Kate ♥