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Ola` (Hello in Portuguese) family and friends and welcome to our happy Wednesday in the Babies Room 1 😊
Miss Kate and Miss Jess gave a great warm greeting to all fabulous 5 friends! Bentley, Millie, Orion, Edward and Oliver.
To start the morning off Orion had the best time playing with the train set while waiting for the rest of his friends to arrive. He enjoyed building a train track with the help from Miss Jess. Orion then ventured off to the home area! He enjoyed standing up and tapping away with the pots on the stove! 😊
Not long after his friends started arriving! All friends explored the shelves with all the exciting toys on them! Millie self-selected the colourful triangle as she LOVES problem solving to find the correct hole for the correct shapes to go into! Smart cookie she is 😊
Bentley chose to play with the sensory bottles! He had so much fun shaking them about in the air 😊 (soon to be Rockstar!!) Edward crawled after the big balls showing how fast he is to everyone! Edward enjoyed playing with the blue spiky ball! Oliver had a turn of the colourful triangle after Millie was finished and he enjoyed playing with the two spinning circles on one side of it. Throughout the day all friends explored through their room and played with many different toys.
Spontaneous singing and Christmas music was had as well as some action songs! All friends engage so well! We also did glitter painting for art today!!! All friends were so excited to do art! Millie and Orion especially loved it! 😊
Thank you to all of our families that joined us yesterday afternoon for the PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS! Please let Miss Kate know if you would still like to view your child’s end of year reports and their learning portfolios! 😊
Thanks for another wonderful day our beautiful Babies 1 cherubs!
Miss Kate and Miss Jess XOXO