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Happy Wednesday 😊 Welcome to our day in the Babies room 1

This morning Miss Jess was welcomed by Orion and Alanis, Orion went straight for the textured small balls before venturing off to the door seeing what our older friends were up to outside. Orion also had a big interest in the baby gym toys dangling down. Alanis was having lots fun with the colored balls, kicking them around, chucking them up and down and showing her skills off for state of origin.
Soon after more of our friends arrived, Quinn and Bentley. Quinn had fun this morning from playing with the textured balls to playing with Alanis in the home corner cooking away some tasty treats to then happily building blocks with the big Lego pieces!! Bentley enjoyed his time this morning by looking through a book with his friend Orion.
Throughout later in the morning, Quinn, Orion, Bentley and Alanis did some action songs with the rattles for music and they all enjoyed making lots of wonderful noises.
Later this afternoon Orion and Quinn explored some spaghetti s to play with at the table. Quinn and Orion were more interested on how much they could eat haha but they still loved this little activity. Another activity for art that we did this afternoon was green handprints for the World Environment Day. Alanis, Quinn, Bentley and Orion all participated in this activity.
For the rest of the day our friends enjoyed exploring throughout the room with their friends and many toys.
We hope you all had a great day- please parents can you bring a copy of a family photo for our family tree in our room x
Thank you Babies 1 for the wonderful day
See you all soon
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx