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Hello families and welcome to our cloudy with a chance of smiles and giggles Wednesday 😊
What a wonderful start and finish to our day in the Babies room 1 😊 When Miss Kate and Miss Jess arrived all our friends received a warm hug and hello, we had total of 7 babies today 😊
β€’ Miss Kate bought two new books for our babies! One about counting to 8 and another one about colours 😊 Quinn, Millie, Bentley, Kezia, Orion, Willow and Alanis all took an interest in these books as well as our other books in the book nook area.
β€’ Bentley, Orion, Willow and Quinn enjoyed the jute balls as well as having a ball in the ball pit πŸ˜‰ our babies love playing with the different textured balls with their friends and teachers.
β€’ Quinn enjoyed the sensory window this morning and very soon we will be making more sensory activates for throughout the room!
β€’ Miss Jess and Miss Jordan (one of our awesome students) blew lots of bubbles for our friends throughout the day, Kezia, Alanis, Millie and Orion especially loved the bubble fun! 😊
β€’ Millie has been practicing her self-feeding skills when eating lunch and she did a good job today 😊
β€’ Lots of nursery rhymes were sung throughout the day, our favorite song is β€œWheels on the bus” our friends bop away when Miss Kate and Miss Jess sing that song and its too sweet 😊
We have had lots of fun today,
Thankyou Babies 1 for the wonderful day, see you all soon 😊
Love Miss Kate and Miss Jess xxx