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Wednesday 8th April 2020
Welcome to wacky Wednesday in the Babies 1 alongside Miss Kate. 😊
This morning we started our day outside alongside our other friends which Edward and Charlie thought was pretty cool fun exploring the sand play with big trucks, dollies with the tea set, rocking dinosaurs, soft blocks and books. 😊 We headed inside for some morning tea of fruit salad and yoghurt which we happily tucked into to set us up for a nice day. 😊 Parker and Charlie initiated looking at books with Miss Dom this morning to encourage our language and listening skills. 😊 Parker self-selected rattles from the big basket with big smiles for everyone to see. 😊 Edward is so close to walking solo now as he speeds around the room pushing the trolley, laughing as he goes by. 😊 He also selected the puzzles from the shelves to practice his concentration span and fine motor skills. 😊 Our RAINBOW TRAIL PICTURE on our front door is coming along nicely and we have also begun our WORLD PICTURE for our other picture in significance and respect to those affected lately. 😊
Thanks for a wonderful day Babies 1 – Miss Kate XXX