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Good afternoon to our families, and welcome back to this wonderful Wednesday in Babies One room 😊

Today we begun our morning exploring what our fabulous yard had to offer our babies. We enjoyed a lovely breeze, and much needed sunlight for our morning. We ventured straight to the sandpit, where you will find our beautiful Parker, Oliver and Olivia. Miss Stacey loved building sandcastles with them, and making all kinds of imaginary food out of sand with them. This is a great and yet exciting way to tap into their imagination but also a great use of their fine motor skills 😊

Whilst on the other side of the yard, we had our beautiful Charlie, Peyton, and Olive having a lovely picnic with Miss Lilly, and their beloved baby dolls. We sat and sung nursey rhymes, and lullabies to our baby dolls which made our friends happy 😊

Later through the day, we ventured inside to encounter a terrific, and stimulating sensory activity. This week we are celebrating superheroes, so we thought of introducing this into our room for the day with a sensory activity. Doing so, we cling wrapped the table, and put large dots of super hero colours all over, then covered it with a layer of cling wrap, so the babies had the opportunity to smoosh the paint all over the cling wrapped table, and of course they attempted to taste test 😊 This sensory activity of smooshing the paint, gave the children such excitement, and also sparking their interest in self-standing, using their imagination, interacting with their peers, and most importantly being part of a team, where we are learning and growing together 😊

We then enjoyed a delicious and wholesome lunch, made by our amazing chef David. He cooked us a very yummy quiche, and salad to fill our babies tummies, to fuel their amazing day 😊

As the afternoon rolled around, we enjoyed yet another sensory activity, the babies continue to show constant interest in home corner, they love being around all our plastic foods, and kitchen set. Stacey and I, decided to extend on this interest of theirs, and do another sensory activity. The babies had the opportunity to sit as a group and wash in warm water all their fresh fruits, and vegetables, this activity sparked so much joy for them all 😊

Overall, today in Babies one room we have enjoyed numerous sensory activities sparking the children’s interest, from home corner, to painting the table! We have had a day full of adventure, learning and excitement. Most importantly smiles and laughter to carry us through 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey