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hello all the families

it has been a nice day with our eight little friends Ruby, Finley, Cameron, Elliana, Max, Thomas, Ariana, Noah.  The weather is quite hot but our little friends love to play out side.  It was a great day in babies 2 as all the babies enjoyed the day playing inside and outside.

In the morning Finley, Noah and Ruby were sitting on the chairs near the table while we playing outside. Cameron,Elliana, Noah, Max and Thomas also enjoyed their morning time playing outside. And we had a wonderful painting session related to the indigenous culture using yellow, red and black color. Finley and Ruby are really interested on painting and reading books which is good for their development skills.

Cameron is crawling fast to grab the toys and he loves to push the cars while he is chatting. Elliana and Ariana also love to walk around the room and grab different toys while walking. Our little friends are growing really fast and they love walking,running, climbing and chatting all the day. what a nice day….

looking forward for tomorrow..