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Jingeri families,

A great day today. Finley, Jackson, Lara, and we welcomed Noah back from his family vacation down in Adelaide. So a full house of regulars now, and we got down to the important business of having fun.

In keeping with the concept of Sustainable re-purposed resources to highlight National Recycling Week, I brought in a collection of cardboard boxes to use as “blocks” to stack and smash. And the cherry on top of the stack was a perfect Silver tin from Miss Nads which the children immediately used in every which way imaginable. Such a thoughtful addition to our S week.

Our new little tent is also providing the most delightful opportunities for play. Jackson was giggling with joy playing peek-a-boo as he crawled around and through and hid behind the doorway. Lara is very focused on walking, and she is spending a lot of time pulling herself up to balance and testing out her legs. She is determined. Finley is moving with great confidence in the room, and he makes fabulous use of all the resources available to him. Noah is crawling with great speed and precision now, shifting freely and easily as he joins in everything. Such an enthusiastic friend to play with.

I look forward to tomorrow.