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Jingeri families,

Well the week is off to a flying start with a full house right out the gate. Finley was joined by old friends Jackson and Noah for a Monday catch up, and we also had our new friend, Ruby come over for a first day play too. Such an excellent beginning.

As we introduced our new friend to our letter of the week, we took the opportunity to look around the room at all the things that start with the letter T. The most popular is still our Tent, as well as our Tin, but the Train on the Track was just as interesting. We also had our beautiful little Christmas Tree, which we got to decorate with some sparkling Tinsel. All the while reinforcing the phonetic sound and incorporating that with the visual shape of the letter and an item to associate. This will form the first layers of learning for future use.

The children are truly starting to play with each other in meaningful ways now. They are including others in their games, and extending their toys to share experiences. They are encouraging each other with laughs and shrieks, and establishing boundaries as they emerge. It is a joy to watch their relationships develop.

I look forward to tomorrow.