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Jingeri families,

A Terrific Tuesday for sure today with our friends Indi, Noah and Finley. Buzzing with warmth and energy outside, but blessed to spend a cool and calm day in our room.

Finley is becoming so comfortable with his new friends and he is always eager to get them involved in his adventures, which are many. Noah is watching keenly and joining when he feels confident, while Indi is delighted to hide in the tent or crawl through the block shelves in a game of chase. They are all crawling with great speed and moving accurately as they navigate in,around, under and over everything. Indi has been balancing and squatting down all day, but still no demonstration of her walking yet. Finley is enjoying balancing on the push-cows to get around the room and he is starting to pick up incredible speed. Noah is more interested in his new discovery that he can find things that he has dropped behind his back. Pure amazement!

All in all, a great day of social interaction and routine. Just what we all needed.

Look forward to tomorrow.