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Jingeri families,

It has been a full and interesting day in Babies 2 today. Four regulars together for the day learning each other’s routines and personalities. We enjoyed the company of Finley, Indi, Noah and Jackson today for a day full of Halloween party energy.

We were surprised with a selection of beautiful new wooden toys for our room this morning, which was great fun to unpack together and test out. It is such a joy to begin collecting engaging and constructive resources for the children to learn with, and never surprising that the boxes were the greatest fun. Finley is developing excellent planning skills as he masters moving objects in and out, off and on. He is quick and precise. Noah is getting confident to shift his weight from his knees to his tummy and back again, which means is is now able to navigate himself around the room to investigate and explore. Indi is very interested in the friends around her and spends a lot of time watching them and trying to engage Jackson if her activities, which he responds to with great enthusiasm.

I had mentioned previously the learning outcomes which have been set out to guide educators in their planning. These include, briefly, children feeling a sense of identity, a feeling of ‘connectedness’, a sense of well-being, a space for active learning, and a focus on communication. These parameters allow for an holistic approach to caring for your children, where we are encouraged to nurture their body, mind and spirit as individual human beings. We are becoming friends, and this is important for our development.

Look forward to tomorrow.