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Welcome to our Fun day FRIDAY ♥

Good afternoon families and welcome to our wonderful Friday, what a beautiful way to finish off our week and I cant wait to tell you all about it.

Today Miss Jess and Miss Danna spent the day with your gorgeous beans♥

This morning our friends started their morning off with a morning outside play in the fresh morning air and nice warm sun.

Noah enjoyed playing with the cow bikes and the mower with his friend Finley. Cameron enjoyed playing alongside Thomas playing with the trucks. So much laughter and smiles were shared with one an other this morning. After our morning adventure of play and excitement with the Babies 1, we all headed to our room to have some delicious morning tea! YUM! After morning tea our friend Jackson arrived!!♥ We all gave Jackson a warm smile and wave as he came into the room.

While two of our friends were relaxing their bodies for a nice sleep, our others friend went on a journey to the great outdoors! Miss Jess thought it would be really fun to do some water play as our friend Noah was jumping in the puddles he found on the soft mats this morning. Noah, Finley and Cameron enjoyed the feel of the nice cool water and the bubbles!! They enjoyed pouring the water in and out of the jugs and buckets and getting among it with Miss Danna. The smiles on their faces were smiles of pure enjoyment and happiness. Water play is a great way to help develop their fine and gross motor skills in a fun and effective way.  After water play Noah, Finley and Cameron adventured off to the open outdoor area where there was some climbing equipment set up for all to enjoy. Noah and Finley had so much fun climbing, crawling and running around while our friend Cameron was happily playing with the trains and train tracks.

After our morning fun it was than time to come inside ready for some lunch with their friends Jackson and Thomas.

After lunch time Noah, Finley and Cameron rested their bodies and re – energized for this afternoons fun.

Jackson and Thomas were having so much fun exploring their indoor environment. Thomas is showing a lot of confidence and strength as he stands to walk along with the assistance of the push along walker. Jackson found the rabbit book to be very intriguing as he points at the rabbit in excitement and turns the page to find a duck! Jackson eyes lit up even more in excitement. Miss Jess makes the duck sound and Jackson and Thomas found it very amusing. Jackson and Thomas had a lot of fun playing hide and seek in the cubes.

This afternoon our friends enjoyed afternoon tea outside in the fresh air. For the rest of the beautiful afternoon it was spent outside as the children explore their outdoor environment with Miss Jess and Miss Danna♥

Thank You Babies 2 for today, it has been so lovely.

Have a safe and lovely weekend,

Miss Jess and Miss Danna♥