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Good Afternoon families and welcome to our FUN FRIDAY!♥

What an eventful day it has been with your superstars♥

This morning started with our lovely Miss Steph as she greeted your little ones into the room before Miss Jess started. When Miss Jess arrived she gave a warm and welcoming smile and wave to her friends. We all came inside to get ready for some scrumptious morning tea. After we all ate we cleaned up and headed to explore throughout our room. Finley headed to the book box and pulled out some different books before settling to look through the Peppa pig book, meanwhile our other friends Noah, Ariana and Thomas were happily looking at the animal books. Miss Jess made some animal noises and they all giggled but soon repeated the sounds that were made.

Playdough and outside adventure!! Before lunchtime Miss Jess thought it would be nice to spend the second half of the morning outside in the fresh cool air. All her friends thought it would be a FANTASTIC idea as they raced to the door. Miss Jess set up some playdough on the table. Finley, Noah and Ariana liked squishing the playdough through their fingers and poking at it too. (some thought it would be super tasty, but soon pulled it back out after realising it wasn’t too tasty haha) Thomas was happy to play with the cow push along bike. We soon then went on adventure to the Babies 1 yard to explore the sandpit, tent and the diggers!!! Before we went back inside for lunch Miss Jess decided to let our friends have a big run in the yard with the big open space!! They LOVED letting energy out as they ran with such excitement. Thomas was relaxing as he was taking it all in with the birds flying past, he enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

After Lunchtime it was time to rest our bodies for a very exciting event to happen as we know how much they like to climb and Miss Emma suggested a very fun activity to do. so Miss Jess had a little surprise for them after they all woke and were re energized.

When all our beautiful friends woke from their sleeps Miss Jess asked if they wanted to explore the Toddlers yard where the bark is as it has a very cool climbing obstacle! With great supervision from Miss Jess all our friends had a ball! The smiles on their face as they stepped into the new yard was a smile that couldn’t be replaced. Miss Jess was so proud and so happy with how well they were doing the obstacle course and their amazing balancing skills!! The texture of the bark was interesting for them and they really had a great time exploring new scenery, new texture and a new outdoor activity.

What a lovely way to finish the afternoon♥

For the rest of the afternoon our friends ate their morning and played outside with their friends and teachers.

Thank you Babies 2 for today, it has been so lovely in your room the past two days.

I hope you have a lovely and safe long weekend.

Miss Jess♥