Happy Friday Babies 2 families and friends from Miss T’arn and Miss Kate for a change today!  😊  The children had a lovely day especially outside play was extra fun watching the workmen, diggers and gardeners over the fence this morning!  We also practiced our physical gross motor skills by trying out the see-saw, which Thomas, Finley, Max and Jackson loved!  The soft blocks, balance beams and wheeled toys in our little sandpit were of great interest by Liz, Cameron and Spencer!  😊  WE came inside for our meals and rests where all the children showed great self-help skills at feeding themselves! Miss Kate was very impressed with our coordination and independence skills. 😊  Spontaneous singing throughout the day which all of our little ones responded positively too with big smiles as they practice their verbal and non-verbal language development! 😊

We wish you all a wonderful weekend with your families and friends!

Much love and light, Miss Kate and Miss T’arn.  ♥  ♥