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Good afternoon

Welcome to babies two. We had such an amazing day in babies two with Liz, Spencer, Noah, Finley, Jackson, Thomas, Max and Cameron. We started our day exploring the indoor activities with babies three friends. Liz, Thomas, Cameron and Jackson enjoyed reading some books on the mat with Miss.Hansani while Noah, Finley, Max and spencer playing with truck and pushing them around the room. After that, children couldn’t wait to explore the outdoor activities. So, we headed to the outdoor yard to explore all the challenging experiences we set up yesterday. Noah, Liz, Spencer and Max were extremely interested sliding on the slide. They carefully take the steps first and move their bodies on to top of the slide and take their turn without any hesitation. Jackson, Noah, Finley and Thomas enjoyed rocking on the see-saw singing ‘’see-saw up’’. Children also enjoyed climbing and walking on the beam to develop and demonstrate their balancing skills.

Children enjoyed their morning tea outdoor while they were sitting on the mat and after the morning tea, we went inside to explore something fun and interesting ideas. Miss.Nads brought an amazing treasure box and some wonderful edible sand for our babies. Children were so excited to explore the edible sand first. They sat on the floor and started to explore the sand, feathers, and the wooden spoons. First, they enjoyed throwing and put sand all over their bodies as they had no idea that it was edible. Accidently some of them had the taste of it after putting their mouth. They laughed and looked at us saying ‘’yummmm’’. It was an amazing sensory idea for this age. Cameron and Noah used the wooden spoon to taste it.

Next, we explored the treasure box. There were so many stuffs inside the box and each child took their turn and grab the favourite things from the box. Finley went and took the hair band straight away and put it on his head with a biggest smile on his face saying ‘’head’’. Max found a beautiful shoe and tried to put it on saying ‘’shoe’’. Liz and Spencer found the Dinosaurs and shared them with the boys.

It’s been an amazing Friday….

Have a good weekend..

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn