We had such a nice Friday in babies two today. Miss.Hansani ans Miss.T’arn welcomed Spencer, Liz, Thomas, Max, Finley, Cameron, Jackson and Noah in the morning with big cuddles. Children have been choosing to play outside with their other friends from babies three in the morning. They enjoyed playing in the sand pit and explore the other experiences such as climbing, pushing trucks and carrying the soft blocks. It was so nice to see that Jackson has been showing his empathy for his  friends when they were upset and he’s being so gentle. You are building up strong relationships with your friends Jackson. We are so proud of you.

Then we head to the babies two yard to get ready for the morning tea. Children enjoyed their morning tea while we were sitting on the mat outside. Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn decided to set up more sensory activities today as our children have already showed their interest on more sensory play over the last few weeks. So, we decided to do an ice cub play as it was nice and warm outside today. we put some ice cubes in a basket and let them touch and feel. Finley and Noah were so excited and started to grab ice cubes saying ”woow”. Spencer, Thomas and Liz enjoyed tasting it.

After that, we encourage children to play with some kinetic sand as it was a new experience for babies two. Children were so keen and interested to touch and explore this blue colour sand. We filled the sand into different shapes and enjoyed making little castles. Miss.T’arn sat with children to read a book ”My Dad’s The Coolest” before the lunch time as the Father’s day is coming soon.

Have a good weekend….