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♥♥ Hello Babies 2!! ♥♥

We have had such a great day today!! This week we thought it would be a great idea to encourage the children to pack away after meal times. The children did such an amazing job at tipping their leftover food into the bin and putting the bowls and spoons into the dishes container. They then got their water bottles and put them into the water bottle container. Miss T’arn then showed the children how to clean their hands and face with the wet face washers and put them and their bibs into the dirty washing container. They did amazing and were so proud of themselves when Miss Hope and Miss T’arn and Miss Hope said “yay!!, well done.” We will continue to do this each mealtime for the children to get used to it. This is a great way for children to use their self help skills. Our children love helping and being able to do things for themselves, we think this is a perfect way for the children to build on those skills and meet their interest, helping. Well done my friends, we are so so proud of you all!! 

This week is book week!! Miss T’arn and Miss Hope asked the children what book we should read this week. We showed them 2 different books “The Ugly Duckling” and “Goldilocks and the three bears” and asked them which book they would like to read, “bears? or Ducks?”. Thomas and Noah said “Ducks.” So we all sat down on the mat together and read “The Ugly Duckling.” The children really enjoyed reading this book and seeing all the different types of animals in the story. They were making the sounds of each animal as they appeared on the page. After reading the story some of the children did a painting using the colour yellow and painting with feathers. Each day we will start the morning reading the story and pick something from the story to do an activity on. The children love story times, especially ones with animals. 

Thank you all for a beautiful day!! 

♥♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥